Dash News Video Recap – New Exchange Integrations Coinbase, BitAsset, TurtleNetwork Plus SafePal & XcelTrip

This is a repost of the Dash News Recap video with presenter Heidi Chakos from our YouTube channel. This show is dedicated to keeping you up to date with recent Dash news highlights.

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Dash Network Developments of the Week:
???? 00:57 Coinbase Pro Confirms Dash Deposits 12 Times Faster Than Bitcoin – https://dashnews.org/coinbase-pro-confirms-dash-deposits-12-times-faster-than-bitcoin/

Dash Integrations of the Week:
???? 01:51 Dash Added to Coinbase One Week After Coinbase Pro Exchange Announcement – https://dashnews.org/dash-added-to-coinbase-one-week-after-coinbase-pro-exchange-announcement/
???? 02:19 SafePal Hardware Wallet Integrates Dash, Expanding Storage Options – https://dashnews.org/safepal-hardware-wallet-integrates-dash-expanding-storage-options/
???? 02:55 Binance Announces New Dash Lending Service And Margin Trading Options – https://dashnews.org/binance-announces-new-dash-lending-service-and-margin-trading-options/
???? 03:37 Dash Added to TurtleNetwork DEX Decentralized Exchange – https://dashnews.org/dash-added-to-turtlenetwork-dex-decentralized-exchange/
???? 04:18 BitAsset Exchange Adds Dash Trading Pairs For Chinese Yuan and Taiwanese Dollar – https://dashnews.org/bitasset-exchange-adds-dash-trading-pairs-for-chinese-yuan-and-taiwanese-dollar/
???? 04:56 Cryptocurrency Travel Booking Service XcelTrip Integrates Dash – https://dashnews.org/cryptocurrency-travel-booking-service-xceltrip-integrates-dash/

Dash Media of the Week:
???? 05:49 Dash Adoption Is Getting Widespread: Free Talk Live With Joël Valenzuela – https://dashnews.org/dash-adoption-is-getting-widespread-free-talk-live-with-joel-valenzuela/
???? 06:11 Joël Valenzuela on Shitcoin TV on Dash, Cryptocurrency Privacy, and If the Lightning Network Works – https://dashnews.org/joel-valenzuela-on-shitcoin-tv-on-dash-cryptocurrency-privacy-and-if-the-lightning-network-works/
???? 06:39 Dash Podcast 122 Feat. Joshua Scigala Vaultoro CEO on Coinbase, ChainLocks & Hedging Gold – https://dashnews.org/dash-podcast-122-feat-joshua-scigala-vaultoro-ceo-on-coinbase-chainlocks-hedging-gold/


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