Dash Goes Live On Coinbase On Monday, September 16th

One of the world’s most popular, Dash, has been listed on Coinbase Pro on Monday, September 16th. This is the latest addition of a new Crypto market pair on the second-largest Crypto trading platform with over 30 million users. Historically, the listing of new Virtual Assets on Crypto markets creates bullish conditions leading to price surges for the respective Digital Currencies.

Details Of The Listing?

Investors are being urged to take into account that Dash is available on Coinbase Pro effective Monday morning. However, traders will only be able to start trading the pair on Tuesday, 17th September at 9: am Paris Time.

Since trading requires depositing of Tokens, Dash investors are being advised to start depositing their Tokens on Coinbase Pro wallets 12 hours after the pair goes live.

Moreover, investors should note that Coinbase only allows trading in a 4-phase model for new listings.

The first stage is the transfer-only phase where traders are only allowed to deposit Dash Tokens. Secondly, the post-only stage follows where traders float sell or buy orders. The third stage is the limit-only stage where investors can only trade up to the set number of Tokens. Lastly, the full-trading phase allows investors to transact market pay without restrictions.

These phases are designed to allow newly listed Virtual Assets to be established for high volume trading.

At this point, the platform is only offering two market pairs including DASH/BTC and DASH/USD.

Trading Is Available On Select Jurisdictions

Due to disparities on laws governing Virtual Assets in various parts of the world, Coinbase Pro is only allowed to operate in 102 jurisdictions. Hence, these are the countries where traders will be able to transact Dash Pairs. Notably, some of the areas that the service will not be proffered include the United Kingdom and New York State. Nevertheless, plans are in top gear to include more jurisdictions.

About Dash

Dash dates back to 2014 where it emerged as a Bitcoin fork focusing on security and was codenamed Dark Coin. The Crypto has since grown to be a prominent Digital Asset that is native to the Dash Blockchain platform. This ecosystem focuses on speed and privacy and has since incorporated PrivateSend and InstantSend features for supporting Dash transactions. For this reason, the adoption of Dash Tokens is growing and 4000 venues globally accept Dash payments.

With a market capitalization of $816,623,595 Dash is the 16th largest Crypto on Coinmarketcap. In the last 24 hours, the DASH/USD pair has been bearish as it has lost 0.77% of its value.

Coinbase Aims To Foster Financial Inclusivity

On the other hand, Coinbase is a Crypto trading platform and wallet dating back to June 2012. Based in San Francisco, CA, the founders’ mission is to create an open financial system for all.

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