Crypto project Decred adds privacy features to its coin

Decred, the cryptocurrency project focused on governance, has added privacy-focused features to its cryptocurrency DCR.

Decred said it has found a “middle ground” between two extremes – bitcoin and other privacy coins – offering the “right amount of privacy.” Jake Yocom-Piatt, co-founder and project lead of Decred, has created the following comparison chart to illustrate the “middle ground.”

Source: Decred

Decred explained that its privacy implementation is “simple, creative and adaptable,” and that it requires only hundreds of lines of code for the core logic, compared to thousands or tens of thousands for other privacy implementations. “Less code means less to break,” it said.

The privacy features are based on CoinShuffle ++, a peer-to-peer coin mixing protocol, which uses “simple code and proven cryptography,” Decred added.

DCR is currently trading at around $25 apiece and has a market capitalization of $252 million, according to CoinMarketCap.

Update: We have updated our headline for clarity. The Decred team has not made direct claims that its new privacy features are better than competing privacy coins.

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