Crypto HEX Founder is Actually Notorious Criminal ‘Spam King’

  • Founder of recently launched HEX cryptocurrency revealed to be former internet ‘Spam King’.
  • Richard Heart, aka Richard J. Schueler, aka, J. Richard, aka James Hart is linked to a Panama criminal network which included corrupt lawyers and judges.
  • Heart also sold anti-aging cures in between roles as Spam King and Bitcoin thought leader.

Richard Heart, founder of controversial cryptocurrency project HEX (HEX), has been outed as a former internet scammer and ‘Spam King’.

HEX Founder’s Dark History

Heart was successfully sued by in 2002 for violating Washington state’s anti-spam laws. Yet Heart’s dark past as the ‘Spam King’ might be the least worrying fact to emerge.

Screenshots from 2005 expose Richard James Shueler as the ‘Spam King’ | Source: PanamaGuide/Reddit

Screenshots from between 2005 and 2007 show Heart (real name: Richard J. Scheuler) was investigated by authorities in Panama for theft and extortion.

Several of Heart’s alleged aliases (James Hart, J. Richard, Richard Schueler) were named in connection with a Panamanian criminal network. Heart’s supposed cohorts included robbers, blackmailers and corrupt lawyers and judges, according to posts stemming from the now defunct

A Google Groups post made by Miguel Antonio Bernal in 2007 references Heart/Schueler as belonging to a “new breed of thieves”. The post describes the process by which American criminals flooded Panama to “rob, cheat and blackmail local businessmen using Panama’s weak legal system”.

A brief summary of Heart’s activities in Panama in the mid-2000s | Source: Reddit

Heart now presents himself as a thought leader within the cryptocurrency space. But in 2008, while Satoshi Nakamoto worked on Bitcoin, Richard Heart was plugging anti-ageing remedies.

The Methuselah Foundation, for which Heart apparently volunteered, is committed to extending the human lifespan and “making 90 the new 50”. The video below shows Heart in between his spells as Spam King and crypto thought leader.

What’s Heart Done Lately?

It’s been well over a decade, and criminals do often reform. With that in mind, what has Richard Heart been up to lately?

In his latest 6-hour livestream, Heart continued to plug the radical potential for HEX to emulate Bitcoin’s gains. What follows is a sample of some of the non-sequiturs and half-gibberish typical of scam artists:

People that don’t use Hex, they think it’s a scam. Advertising looks like a scam. Why? Because that is what people want. That is what they want. They want you to be truthful to them.

Are such truths reflected in HEX’s marketing materials, which claim the token is “designed for 10,000x gains over 2.5 years”? Heart continues to throw around big numbers in the hope that his wide net snags a few fish.

Cryptocurrency people are cowards for some reason. Bitcoin is up 700,000x right now – from a penny. I’m the only one quoting that number, because I am apparently the only one good at marketing.

Heart may not be wrong about that last claim. He says that over $1 billion dollars worth of HEX has been claimed by Bitcoin holders thus far. Heart goes on to say that with HEX, what he’s really offering is “reality”.

Why am I the only guy quoting that number? Because I am the only one packaging the offer properly. The offer is reality. Cryptocurrencies are the fastest, highest appreciating assets in the history of mankind. Is anyone else using that language? Nope. Just me. Why? Because I’m better at it – and it’s working.

Lessons Still Not Learned

Anyone new to the cryptocurrency space may still register surprise at some of these revelations. Those who have been here longer will barely raise an eye to it.

The old adage coined by P.T Barnum holds true nowhere better than in the cryptosphere: “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

People like Richard Heart, J. Richard, James Hart and Richard J. Schueler could not exist were it otherwise.

This article was edited by Samburaj Das.

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