Crypto-friendly travel platform adds Monero to its host of crypto-payment options

The twelveth largest coin by market cap in the cryptocurrency market, Monero is well known for its privacy and anonymity features. The coin was recently in the news after being listed on Binance’s margin trading platform.

In more good news for the privacy coin’s active community, Monero [XMR] was added as a payment option on blockchain travel platform, Travala. The travel platform’s tweet read,

The travel booking platform has been quite a crypto-friendly website for some time now, with the platform already supporting around 14 cryptocurrencies. Travala uses its own native cryptocurrency, AVA, along with BTC, BCH, LTC, DASH, ETH, XRP, TRX, DAI, BNB, DGB, NANO, NEO and XMR as payment options.

Previously, the company had released a report highlighting the success of cryptocurrency payments, along with the overall increase in its bookings. The report suggested that about 73% of the total bookings for the month of July was via cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin retained its position as the king coin with 25% of all payments being initiated through BTC. This was followed by Travala’s native coin AVA, which accounted for 17% of all payments. DASH stood third, accounting for 11% of payments, while the rest of the payments were initiated through a combination of LTC, DASH, TRX and BCH.

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