Crypto Exchange Huobi Will Introduce Bi-Quarterly Futures Contracts with Version 4.2.0 Upgrade

LONDON, June 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Huobi Futures has launch its latest 4.2.0 upgrade on June 14, 2020, and introduced a new futures product — Bi-Quarterly Contracts on June 15. These contracts join Huobi’s successful stable of derivatives trading tools and come soon after the successful launch of perpetual swaps, which it launched in late March – years after the biggest competitor in the space. 

The decision to further enrich the offerings from the Huobi Futures team comes after topping the daily trading volume in coin-margined perpetual swaps only a few months after it launched. 

Crypto Exchange Huobi Will Introduce Bi-Quarterly Futures Contracts with Version 4.2.0 Upgrade

Bi-Quarterly Contracts with Leverage Options Up to 125X 

The new futures product will add Bi-Quarterly Contracts with higher leverage options up to 125X, intending to provide users with wider choices and lower principal cost to open a position. With regard to experienced futures traders, the higher the leverage multiples they apply, the less principal cost is required to open the position. With Bi-Quarterly contracts, the commission cost can be further reduced due to the longer holding period. 

Huobi Launch Products Relative to User Demand

The Bi-Quarterly product will support 9 mainstream cryptocurrencies and 36 trading pairs. The previously launched weekly, bi-weekly and quarterly products are also available. 

Huobi also allows a lower margin by newly added feature function – locked margin optimization, which users can use to maximize their fund utilization and further lower the trading cost. 

Users can find those upgrades on the Huobi Futures’ web trading interface and on the mobile version of trading; meanwhile, the users’ transaction frequency can be increased by 80% and the latency can be reduced by at least one fold via API trading.

“We are really proud that Huobi Futures has always been able to provide the world’s lowest commission fee and the futures makers’ rebate commission is up to 0.015%,” said Ciara Sun, VP of Huobi Global and Head of Huobi Global Markets. 

About Huobi Group

Consisting of numerous upstream and downstream enterprises, Huobi Group is a leading global blockchain company. Established by Leon Li in 2013, the company’s Huobi Global exchange accumulative turnover exceeds US $3 trillion. Huobi proudly provides safe, secure, and convenient cryptocurrency trading and asset management services to millions of users in 170+ countries.

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