Crypto-Conference Founders Think Long-Term

The founders of the Crypto Finance Conference aren’t resting on their laurels. Having firmly established the crypto community meeting, they now aim to extend their reach.

Tobias Reichmuth and Marc Bernegger (pictured below) are best known as founders of the Crypto Finance Conference (CFC), a yearly do of the fintech community in St. Moritz. The first such conference took place in 2018 and was booked at a date just days before the better known World Economic Forum in Davos.

The two busy fintech minds have now come up with a new theme – longevity. The Longevity Investors Conference will be dedicated to investment opportunities in a business that Reichmuth and Bernegger believe will become one of the largest in coming years.

The first such meeting was scheduled to take place at the same venue as the CFC – the Suvretta House in St. Moritz. Given the exceptional situation with a pandemic, the first edition of Longevity Investors Conference will take place online instead.