launches a new system upgrade

  • exchange recently upgraded its trading system, bringing a number of improvements.
  • offered numerous advantages, such as a 0% fee for new users and a 50% discount for existing ones.
  • Next, according to its roadmap, plans to work on margin and derivatives trading., a Hong Kong-based exchange, recently launched a new system upgrade aimed at improving trading. The new upgrade has brought several changes, including faster matching, better order management, and more. improves trading, wants to attract new traders

The new upgrade was revealed in a recent tweet, in which the exchange announced its new matching engine and other improvements.

According to the announcement, the system will now be 10 times faster, which is also expected to attract new users.

Another thing aimed at attracting new users is a special offer where traders will have a 0% trading fee. This will only apply to new users, and it will last for 90 days from the moment of registration. Next, the platform is offering a trading fee discount of 50% for its existing users.

After successful signup, users will also be able to benefit from a 2% bonus deposit interest rate, which will include all deposits made to the platform’s wallet. This offer will only last for 30 days, however.

Lastly, the exchange also announced a Special Syndicate BTC 50% off event. This comes as part of the platform’s celebration of its fourth birthday, which will be on June 30th.

Derivatives and margin trading are next in line

As for its plans for the near future, the exchange also announced plans to introduce derivatives and margin trading. This was also scheduled to arrive in 2020 based on the roadmap.

The exchange also made headlines recently by becoming one of the first digital currency companies that got a security certificate due to advanced privacy. This was announced less than three weeks ago, on June 2nd.