Could This Blockchain Startup Disrupt The Huge $7 Billion Fighting Sports Scene?

Blockchain is currently being tested in a number of industries, however UFC fight fans may be surprised to see its upcoming application. A new company called Fight To Fame is using blockchain technology as the foundation to host a global fighting championship and engage fans in a new way while also problem-solving around payment models that have plagued this industry since its inception.

Eyeing market statistics including that which indicate the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC )has exploded into now over a $7 billion business, the creators of Fight To Fame decided to leverage such elements and integrate them with blockchain technology by using it to both create smart contracts so that talent can track and ensure fair payment as well as validate fan voting on during its events.  While the product’s foundation rests in technology, Fight 2 Fame strives to stay true to the high, theatrical appeal of the combat fight scene by tapping notables key in the space to help shape the brand. The company has enlisted the MMA Fightbook “World’s Number One Cage Announcer”  for two years in a row, Carlos Kremer as Fight To Win’s official spokesman & Media Ambassador as well Flex Moore, known for training the UFC Hall of Fame team, Chairman of Fight to Fame Action Star Reality Show Committee. Though the company started off with some controversy around confusion pertaining to initial partnerships, Fight To Fame says that is has now re-grouped and doubled-down on its commitment to its blockchain-infused concept which is now poised to hit the market.

Given the fact that consulting companies as McKinsey have released reports that seem to indicate that a significant number of Millennials are committed UFC fans, Fight 2 Fame just may be on to something with this particular model. The McKinsey study, quite naturally, notes that this demographic’s behavior intersects heavily with integration of social media and mobile usage while watching such events. If all such elements can be consistently leveraged, which also providing a more solid business back-end, Fight 2 Fame could be one-to-watch. The trick, however, will be to create a consistent and compelling offering which will not be easy. Kremer and Moore are focused on the challenge:

Lauren deLisa Coleman: So what are the details behind inspiration for Fight to Fame other than market data?

Carlos Kremer: As sporting fans and competitive fighters ourselves, we were initially trying to solve a problem. There’s a fractured path in the existing fighting sports models in terms of fighter compensation and inroads to becoming a household name. We also noticed a lot of stagnation compared to 20 years ago, and we wanted to reinvigorate the industry as a whole.

Around the same time, it occurred to us that we’ve been seeing the same six or seven faces as the big names in blockbuster action films, Sylvester Stallone, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Jason Statham, Vin Diesel etc., but those stars are quickly aging out of the kind of high-intensity action roles that got them discovered in the first place.

The solution seemed obvious to those involved originally. What if we could create a platform that would provide fighters with fairer compensation and a path to long-term, bankable success, while giving Hollywood a steady stream of new, as-yet-undiscovered talent to pack their movies to the brim with high-flying, hard-hitting combat? Thus, Fight to Fame was born.

LdC:  What are some of your competitive advantages as well as big challenges? 

Flex Moore: Our biggest competitive advantage is the business model itself. It’s never been done before. The idea of integrating blockchain technology into entertainment and allowing whole new paths to fame is a first, and it’s why we are all so passionate about this project.

On a tech level, our biggest challenge has been working to create seamless integration acros multiple platforms and partners. So we’ve ramped up with additional engineers to ensure success.

LdC: Can you explain a little more about how you are specifically applying blockchain in your platform?

CK: Blockchain is the foundation for everything we are doing, just like doing business or voting for your favorite singer on a reality show over the phone was decades prior to this startup. The decentralized platform is going to regulate fan functionality like voting which helps ensure things are fair and accurate so there is no question about winners as there sometimes is in this industry. In addition, we’re also using it around transaction which will involve tracking and issuing contracts around the world, without the need for currency exchanges and multiple, manual ledgers since this is a global endeavor. We want to make sure that talent finally gets paid in a just and consistent way in our industry now and take the lead in that work.

LdC: What will happen next and what other credible figures are involved?

FM: We are kicking off the launch this month by opening up fighter submissions on the website. Notable fight and show mentors such as Roy Jones Jr., Rigan Machado, and Chris Van Heerden will be supporting our hopeful talent leading up to the grand finales. This is all about creating a brand new space in the fight industry by taking the best of the traditional space backed by the power of blockchain. We’re offering all the excitement but ramped up for a new era and new level of fan interest.

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