Consilium Crypto Saves 10% on Transactions for Institutional Digital Asset Traders

TORONTO, June 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ – Consilium Crypto, provider of Institutional-grade trading & risk management tools for digital asset markets, today launches its Liquidity Routing System for cryptocurrency exchanges, Consilium ORS. This product has multiple one of a kind features built in, designed to meet the needs of high-volume crypto traders (hedge funds, miners, OTC trading desks).

High-volume clients can save 10% and more on transactions of select coins including Ethereum, Litecoin and Zcash. Consilium ORS also significantly improves pricing on Bitcoin and other digital assets, spreading orders across multiple exchanges to avoid disrupting prices, enabling users to get more for their money. Furthermore, there is no fixed cost for this service. Costs are a function of the trader’s savings. If customers don’t save on a transaction, they pay $0!

We offer a streamlined Liquidity Routing System that does not require custody of funds, a new concept in this type of trading. Consilium Crypto users keep complete control over all their assets, from quote to execution. All trading is done directly between the user and the exchange, reducing the risk of cyber attacks.

“We started this company 3 years ago aiming to build a crypto hedge fund” says CEO Austin Hubbell. “First, we built the tools and technology we would need to run a hedge fund ourselves because we didn’t like what was out there. Once we started down that path, we quickly realized this sector was ripe for disruption. There is a better way to buy and sell digital assets at scale, and we believe this is it.”

This comes on the heels of new equity partners coming on board, with Exponential Ventures, Holt Accelerator and Cary Investments partnering on a $600,000 USD seed round. Previous investors include Portag3 Ventures, Bloomberg Beta, Globalive, and Data Collective.

About Consilium Crypto

Consilium Crypto provides quantitative and qualitative insights to market participants in the digital asset space. Analyzing 17,000 trading pairs, over 1000 assets, across 50 exchanges, we track trading activity to the millisecond. Our system monitors raw transaction data, as well as complete price and liquidity information from order books worldwide. These data feed into our core products, designed to help market participants find alpha and place large orders efficiently in times of thin liquidity. For more, visit

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