Competition Heats up Among Companies Letting Users Passively Stack Digital Assets • CryptoMode

There are many ways for consumers to passively obtain cryptocurrencies. Particularly services capable of converting spare change into digital assets have become a lot more popular.

It is difficult to get people to buy bitcoin or altcoins, even during a bullish market.

Passive Digital Assets Accumulation

No one really likes the hassle of dealing with exchanges, brokers, or other trading platforms.

Companies such as RoundlyX aim to change that narrative.

Its business model isn’t unique in the crypto world, but competition is often a healthy thing.

Allowing users to convert spare cash into digital assets is crucial.

It removes the friction of dealing with cryptocurrencies and their associated platforms. 

All of the asset buying occurs through trusted exchanges on behalf of the end user.

This project, as well as its competitors, work in conjunction with traditional payment methods. 

This means consumers do not need to own any cryptocurrency to begin earning them. 

For the time being, Roundly X is one of the newcomers, and users need to conduct their proper research.

The company claims to work with Voyager and Coinbase.

Having a relatively unknown exchange on this list is rather odd, but Coinbase only supports so many assets. 

Thanks to services like these, global crypto adoption can continue to grow.

Something needs to be done to move the ecosystem ahead in a meaningful manner.