Charles Hoskinson Dukes It Out With Ian Balina


IOHK Charles Hoskinson had some harsh words Ian Balina, the founder of blockchain analytics company Token Metrics. The bone of contention was Balina’s earlier tweet where he claimed that Ethereum was superior to Cardano from a technical perspective. 

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“You’ve lost your damn mind” 

After Balina got some pushback from the holders of the ADA cryptocurrency, he explained that Token Metrics came to the conclusion that ADA had “solid tech” but its code was worse compared to Ether. Hoskinson didn’t take this statement lightly, saying that Balina “has lost his damn mind.” This time, however, the eccentric crypto boss didn’t go as far as announcing an MMA fight.     

Hoskinson was among the original founders of Ethereum, the second most successful cryptocurrency in history. However, he later left the project due to a brawl with Vitalik Buterin and directed his energy to IOHK-created Cardano, which could soon become the most decentralized blockchain out there with the launch of Shelley.   

As reported by U.Today, Weiss Ratings named ADA one of the most “undervalued” cryptocurrencies.   

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A big decade for Ethereum? 

Balina seems certain that Ethereum will be on a tear in the 2020s, going as far as surpassing the market cap of Bitcoin during the new decade. Even though this prediction might seem far-fetched as now, ETH did come close to flippening BTC during the ICO craze. 

While it’s too early to tell how Ether is going to perform throughout the next ten years, it’s safe to assume that it might witness a solid price bump in Q1 2020 based on the asset’s past performance