Cannabis, Biotech and Computing Stock Discussion Fuels PlusOneCoin Uptake

PLUS1 holders can reward content they find valuable on the ADVFN and InvestorsHub financial bulletin boards – the biggest and busiest in the world – by up-voting it (‘+1’) with the coin. The cryptocurrency, as featured on TechCrunch, is being used most prolifically to highlight messages relating to cannabis sector stocks on InvestorsHub (iHub). Currently over 40,000 coins have been awarded to content that discusses the industry at large and stocks such as Integrated Cannabis Solutions Inc, Elev8 Brands Inc and Canbiola Inc. Penny Trading, Biotechs and Computing are other top five categories for PlusOneCoin usage.  

Visitors to ADVFN ( can immediately see the threads (discussion topics), which have been awarded the most PlusOneCoin. Individual posts that have received the highest quantities of the cryptocurrency are highlighted as a ‘PlusOneCoin Top Post’ within threads. The iHub homepage features a Top 10 PlusOneCoin Posts boxout; the current highest post has over 1500 PLUS1 attached to it.

As well as being awarded for incisive content, PlusOneCoin can be traded between wallet holders, mined on any personal computer and bought and sold on a number of exchanges. Coins can also be obtained for free with ADVFN’s PlusOneCoin Faucet and on Users can even tip each other PLUS1 on the PlusOneCoin server on Discord:

PlusOneCoin has moved up the ranks significantly and is now in the top 100 most mineable coins (by market cap) [1]. It is supported by the following mining pools: Happy Pool, Zpool, Zergpool, and

“Message Boards have always been troves for finding golden nuggets of stock information; PlusOneCoin makes panning for them a lot easier,” said Clem Chambers, CEO of Online Blockchain plc. “The huge interest in the US for cannabis stocks has significantly impacted the adoption of PlusOneCoin and we expect the diffusion of the currency will continue to expand with the sort of future disruptive innovations investor communities love.”

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Online Blockchain ( is a UK-based incubator and developer of businesses in internet and information-based technologies, including developers, administrators and custodians of blockchains and cryptocurrencies. The Company created ADVFN and today still has a holding of 17.98% in ADVFN plc.

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[1] As of August 29th, 2019


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