Can your Monero {XMR} holdings be protected in the event of a divorce? The alimony eclipse examined

You must remember the case involving Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. When the two were divorced, Amber alleged [without proper evidence] that Depp had physically abused her. This remains a matter of debate, as Johnny has shared countless photos with regards to Amber being the abusive one. However, the law demanded Depp to share his millions with a conniving woman he had once loved.

So Amber received half of whatever Depp had earned that year [$7 million] and went on to star in movies like Aquaman and many more. Meanwhile, Depp was dropped from the Pirates of the Carribean franchise. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that divorce laws across the globe are one-sided and meant to benefit the fairer sex.

The question here is, if you have Monero [XMR] funds in storage, do you have to share them with your spouse once you part ways? A recent thread on Reddit has caused many to question privacy which is the hallmark of the Monero network. A man is going through a rather crafty dilemma; he wishes to flee to France in order to avoid the U.S. Justice System so that he can avoid disclosing his holdings.

Even though Monero is an extremely secure network, courts [in any nation] can always compel a person to reveal their financial details. Though cryptocurrencies aren’t hampered by borders, a departing wife will almost always win in such situations. Unless an iron-clad prenuptial agreement was signed by both the parties prior to the marriage.

MoneroTipBot’s VPS was down for a few hours but is back online now. Wallets will be resynched soon. Monero is ranked at #10 on coinmarketcap, ahead of Stellar and TRON. The price soared at a rate of 4.59%. The trading volume recorded is $67.822 million, while the supply has 17,159,177 XMR coins involved. The total market cap of Monero is $1.431 billion. As of this moment, XMR is priced at $83.41.

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