BTC whales move over $20 million from Bitstamp and Coinbase in different transactions

With Bitcoin valued a little over the $10,000 mark, the market saw a continuous exchange of the coin between wallets over the past few days. These transfers were carried out parallel to the digital gold’s steady movement. 

Whale Alert, one of the web’s major cryptocurrency transaction trackers, shared news of this transfer on Twitter. The tweet read,

“1,000 #BTC (10,226,929 USD) transferred from #Bitstamp to #OKEx”

The transaction was successfully completed over Bitcoin blockchain. The transaction took place in 2 confirmations between Bitstamp’s multiple wallet addresses and OKEx’s wallet address 1VERF5rDyVoS4mPCbK68vSGpVo95cAXRm, with a timestamp of 10:41:25 UTC, 09 September 2019. Additionally, the hash for the transaction was 5a171acc6ab699b2ee70b39901689642b62c55f2f03f0861348601b38ff5836f. This transaction was carried out with a transaction fee of 0.00032876 BTC. The block height of the transaction was #593994 and it was deemed a successful one. Previously, Whale Alert shared over Twitter,

“1,275 #BTC (13,177,644 USD) transferred from #Coinbase to unknown wallet”

The transaction carried a timestamp of 02:53:24 UTC, 09 September 2019. Transfers were carried out between Coinbase’s multiple wallets and wallet address 36DQqc3ct7NqjN9oP8gPNmHdBpih3Qt45Y. 0.00559687 BTC was charged as transaction fee and the transaction was deemed successful in 50 confirmations. Hash recorded for the transaction was 8dd4cea39d441577e797ee0e3ac3b55e66c5e81d2cb4c61ca2102727e82c5fcd. Block height for the transaction: #593946.

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