Hi everyone ,

Guess by now almost everyone knows about the more than f’n Awesome Coinbase Free Cryptocurrency Giveaway
(That is actually still taking place btw. So if you didnt join this one of a kind program yet , trust me , you want to while it’s still active)
( / with that special invitation link , you can bypass the waiting list for the coinbase giveaway)

Anyway , now there is a new generous sugardaddy out here called BITPANDA & the whole principe is just as awesome.
You join via THIS LINK( ) , verify your identity & you receive 10$ in BTC instantly (No strings / Instant Payout)

Now here comes the Part what makes the BITPANDA giveaway so cool :
After you passed the KYC etc you receive a link like the one above & every time someone joins using your link , BOTH OF YOU receive another 10$.(No actuall limit , earn as much as ya’ll are able to)

As far as i understood , BITPANDA is somehow affiliated with COINBASE or whatever….So no question , as soon as i found out about this new Giveaway , i was one of the first who had 2 get a part of the cake lol.

Hope ya’ll have a good time , peace

(And aww yea , my english might s*** Balls here and there , i know… Excuse that , i’m from germany hahaha )

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