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hubii, the company behind the development of the nahmii scaling solution for Ethereum, has joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), according to a press release shared with CrowdFund Insider.

CEO of hubii Jacobo Toll-Messia remarked:

“We are excited to join the EEA. [It] offers hubii the resources needed to help us develop nahmii into a world-class scaling solution for the Ethereum network, and to bring the benefits of the technology to [everyone].”

Backed by one of the world’s largest developer communities, the EEA is a member-driven standards organization that develops open, blockchain specifications to enhance interoperability for businesses and consumers.

As an EEA member, hubii is planning to work with various blockchain industry participants in order to develop Ethereum-based enterprise applications which adhere to best practices, open standards, and open-source reference architectures.

Hubii’s flagship product nahmii is notably the first commercially-focused Ethereum scaling solutions. It aims to enhance the interoperability and scalability of DLT-based applications by using “sufficiently advanced scripting.”

Developed initially on the Ethereum blockchain, nahmii has been built from the ground up for commercial use and takes advantage of the security of the Ethereum protocol’s base-layer. In order to create scalable infrastructure, DLT platforms need to have low and predictable transaction fees, low latency, and instant settlement times, the release noted.

EEA’s members include hundreds of firms from nearly every major world region. The companies are involved in a wide variety of businesses, including banking, government, legal, technology, energy, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, insurance, and marketing. 

The EEA’s Special Interest and Technical Working Groups are tasked with defining market requirements for contributing to new versions of the EEA specification documents, which help in expanding the market categories that can be covered by the specification. 

The organization’s specifications and related materials can be downloaded from the EEA website (

Hubii’s management will officially announce the launch of nahmii (which is powered by Microsoft Azure) at a blockchain event held at Microsoft’s Norway headquarters in Oslo.

CEO of hubii Jacobo Toll-Messia noted:

‘‘Working closely with Microsoft will give nahmii the platform and exposure it needs to become the premier blockchain scaling and interoperability solution.

Our upcoming event, along with NBX and StartupLab, is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate the power of nahmii to Microsoft’s existing customer base. This announcement is a major coup for hubii.”

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