Blockchain Based Green Energy Investment Introduced by TLS Group

MOSCOW, RUSSIA / ACCESSWIRE / October 5, 2019 / TLS group has put together a new system to make your money work for you with the help of Blockchain-based green energy investments. The system is based on highly secure modes of investment vehicles and transparent payment methods.

The efficient team of TLS group aims at putting together Client capital into a very stable source of efficient investments. Investment tokens are handled to clients with the help of blockchain-based Cryptocurrency technology.

Investment vehicles are based on green solar energy, which has low investment and high returns over a long time period. The solar-based systems maintain efficiency using CSP- technology from our partners si14. These systems are able to generate energy several times greater than normal PV ( Photovoltaic ) technology. With the integration of the new tracking and servo based system, the panels are allowed to adjust themselves according to the position of the sun. All of this new and improved technology translates to a larger KW of energy at some of the lowest prices in the market.

In the age where cryptocurrency is slowly moving into a state of transparency and reliability, TLS group uses the same for their investment vehicles. An ERC-20 token is used in ethereum blockchain to split up the profits and hand it over to the invested clients. ERC-20 tokens are one of the safest and significant with high growth in the year 2019. There has been a maximum of 1,81,000 tokens to existing on the ethereum blockchain network as of April 2019. ERC-20 tokens are also very safe as they follow set standard rules, ensuring good compliance among the developer community.

Once you invest in TLS group’s green energy scheme, you are provided with a smart contract that specifies five major points

Extreme transparency is maintained on the balance of tokens as well as all the transfers. All the information is available for the investors and can be tracked in time.

The token holders must be ethereum users and contractors. Transfer of tokens among users will only be processed only after direct instruction of a holder or transferee.

3.Supply of tokens
It is pertained to only three users, a contract holder and two managers of the company.

4.Contract management
The contract holder may waive the transfer of tokens between users if he sees it as fraudulent. He can also waive ownership of tokens from a user, under complaints from other users.

There is a maximum allowable quantity of tokens that can be circulated. There is also a feature of the burning of tokens, enabling the user to void of the remaining tokens.

A grand total of 2 Billion tokens will be laid out for circulation, out of which 2,00,000 tokens will be reserved for the team and the founders. Each token will be split into two modes of spending
12% will be spent on research and development
Remaining 88% will be spent on different investment vehicles

Once enough funds are collected, the vehicle will start moving and investors can expect a dividend of 40% allocated on a pro data basis.

TLS group is one of the most exciting and revolutionary cryptocurrency mining companies. They use Blockchain and money management mechanisms to create investment vehicles using green energy.

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