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Beijing, China – On August 29, the world’s leading computing power sharing platform announced that it has reached over 2 Million Unique Visitors for the month of August. This shatters the previous record of 1 million unique visitors by more than double.

Celine Lu, CEO of and influential blockchain thought leader has said, “’s growth shows that reliable service, great customer service and transparency in the computing power sharing process allows customers great amounts of trust in the service. Trust is something that must be earned and is even more valuable than any amount of Bitcoin. We take trust very seriously.” 

Transparency is one of’s most promoted features. In an industry that has many customers wondering who they can trust, has alleviated a majority of the doubt that people have when committing to such a service. A few of the transparency features are as follows:

Direct Payout from Mining Pool 

With other rival service providers, the mining output is first given to the service provider and not the user. This veils the entire process from inspection as the user must rely on the service provider to transfer the mining output to the user’s wallet. With, the computing power can be audited on a real-time basis and payouts come directly from the mining pools that they choose. never interrupts this precious relationship between miner and mining output, making it a safe and transparent way to mine in which a customer would have the access as they were mining from home.

Real-time Server Monitoring’s intuitive dashboard and real-time server monitoring system allow users to see exactly what the computing power sharing hardware is operating. Other service providers do not offer this level of transparency in operations which would force accountability in the service.

As Celine Lu stated during the Bitcoin 2019 conference, “Computing power in the cloud mining industry should be transparent and traceable. The industry is advised to develop an open and fair product model, in which users will receive direct payouts from mining pools, hence no cloud mining platform should be an intermediary for users’ earnings. All platforms are expected to keep the computing power fluctuations within certain limits.”

The Cloud Mining Industrial Standard Draft introduced by BitDeer and other mining industry leaders in June 2019 also highlit the following key points:

  • The fluctuation rate for 98% of the total computing power should be kept within 3%;
  • the number for 85% of the total computing power should be 1%;
  • Mining facilities connected with platforms must ensure that at least 98% of the miner hardware is powered on and online for at least 98% of the time;
  • Miner hardware deployed by platforms must limit the computing power fluctuation rate within 5%.

Summer Surge Computing Power Sharing Plan – Limited Time Offer is now offering a special “Summer Surge” promotional offer with very limited quantities. Customers are able to purchase 60 Day with 10 Terahash plans for a limited time. 

Interested users can check out’s Medium page for more details. 

About is the world’s leading computing power sharing platform, enabling global users to mine cryptocurrencies in a transparent, reliable, and convenient way. It saves users from the complicated process of purchasing, installing, and hosting mining machines. Individual miners can enjoy the service with just one click. Founded by Celine Lu in December 2018, currently has millions of customers from 223 countries and regions all over the world and ranks at Top 3 in the cloud mining market share.

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