Bitcoin SV project receives T-Edge Blockchain Pioneer Award in Beijing

Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen has accepted an award in Beijing on behalf of the Bitcoin SV Node project, which was feted as one of the year’s top 10 blockchain application pioneers. The award recognizes blockchain applications that “took the lead in combining blockchain technology with actual application scenarios in 2019.”

The award was presented as one of several EDGE Awards in the technology field at the T-EDGE innovation event, held by Chinese tech media outlet TMTPost. It comes as the Chinese Bitcoin community successfully wrapped up its first BSV conference in Beijing where Nguyen was a featured guest along with Bitcoin inventor Dr. Craig Wright.

The final judging panel included over 20 representatives from the Chinese venture capital scene. Notably, the judges and award series focused on blockchain applications that are operating in the real business world, and have delivered actual revenue returns along with economic and social benefits.

Nguyen and Dr. Wright have taken a road trip in China this week, speaking to students and business/technology representatives alongside the Bitcoin Association’s China team, led by manager Lise Li.

Legal mind promotes a business friendly Bitcoin message

There’s no doubt Nguyen has been one of Bitcoin’s most prominent and energetic advocates. As Bitcoin Association president, he has spent much of the past year touring the world and appearing on stage to deliver Bitcoin’s message of real economic benefits, protocol stability, and legal compliance.

Nguyen began advocating publicly for the original Bitcoin around the time of the initial split from Bitcoin Core (BTC) in 2017. A former digital technology attorney since the 1990s, he highlighted early on that Bitcoin needed to attract those in the business and legal communities with a more responsible message in language its participants could understand.

This message has made Bitcoin, as Satoshi Nakamoto originally intended it, far more appealing to large enterprises and investors. After years of unfulfilled promises and uncertainty over how Bitcoin should actually function, many investors and potential enterprise users had backed away. This had a negative impact not only on Bitcoin adoption, but also its unit value.

China’s role in Bitcoin history

Uncertainty has particularly hindered Bitcoin’s progress in China, which has from the start shown a keen interest in cryptocurrencies. Its massive IT hardware industry and cheaper energy sources, together with a focus on technology education and financial opportunities, have made it Ground Zero for Bitcoin mining. However government skepticism that Bitcoin is out to replace local currencies, and a series of blockchain-based (or purportedly related) blockchain token scams, have seen strict crackdowns on exchange trading and investments.

Authorities have, however, allowed mining operations to flourish and that responsible blockchain development can be beneficial to the country. The Chinese public are also among the world’s most eager users of electronic payments, especially on mobile devices. 

TMTPost was founded in 2012, and has become one of China’s leading business and technology media sources. It publishes in both Chinese and English.

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