Bitcoin Is Still The Number One Choice of Crypto on the Dark Web: Europol Affirms

There is an old saying when someone is arrested for illegal activities on the dark web: he should have used Monero. Curiously, it seems that this practice is not as common as some people think.

A recent report made by the Europol has concluded that only a small fraction of people use Monero (XMR) for the dark web, as most people still prefer to use Bitcoin (BTC).

The report shows that both legal and illegal use is still mostly focused on BTC. While the use of XMR tokens was higher for a time, it seems that privacy-focused crypto is not as common as their defenders would lead us to believe.

According to Europol, the main reason for this is that Bitcoin is still very well-known. People are familiar with the token, as it is the most valuable and popular asset in the market, so they just use it, despite how easy it is for the police to track it.

The situation gets even more curious when we see that most ransomware attacks still use BTC, too, despite how high-profile these attacks often are.

Despite the surprising predominance of Bitcoin in the criminal sphere, authorities affirm that a “pronounced shift” has been happening in the crypto world and more people are slowly using privacy coins. For example, some markets have now started to operate only using Monero, something which was considered rare before.

In any case, the recipe to be protected is still the same as always, just don’t commit crimes.

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