Bitcoin Is Bullish Amidst Coinbase And Ripple Tumble On LinkedIn’s Chart

Top 10 U.S. startups list for 2019 is a ranking model that measures the preference of emerging US companies. In 2018, leading players in the Cryptocurrency economy put up a strong show signifying the importance of Crypto in the futuristic digital economy model.

However, in 2019, Coinbase and Ripple, which are the top performers on the list have come under pressure and dropped marginally. Consequently, most Crypto evangelists believe that the change is impacting prices in the market.

Coinbase And Ripple Rankings

Coinbase is a San Francisco based Crypto trading platform that is second to Binance in terms of market volume. This company was ranked at position 3 in 2018 amid optimism that the market was about to rebound following a long streak of bearish momentum. In 2019, the startup now ranks at position 29 marking a sharp drop that Forbes is equating to a crash.

Another top-ranking startup in 2018 was Ripple. CEO Brad Garlinghouse has been inking deals for RippleNet with leading players in the financial industry from all over the world. The company has slipped by 21 slots to positions 28.

Further, the holding company of Winklevoss twins’ Gemini Crypto exchange, Gemini Trust Company, and Ethereum’s ConsenSys are out of the list entirely.

The Scope Of The Rankings

Notably, the ranking is compiled by the LinkedIn social media platform that connects corporates to potential employees and clients.

LinkedIn uses three key variables for determining the impact of a company in its respective industry. Firstly, there is consideration of the members’ engagements. Secondly, job seekers’ interest to work for the company is scrutinized. Lastly, the number of employees is put into perspective. In this regard, the threshold companies to make it to the list is that they must have at least 50 employees in the US as well as their headquarters.

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