Bitcoin {BTC} revolution: Deputy Prime Minister attends FINSUM conference; Ethereum {ETH} hardfork postponed

The Bitcoin Dominance rate fell to 70.2% as altcoins revamped their performance after weeks of decline. The price of BTC rests at 10,560.09 for now, and a jump rate of 1.76% was noted. The trading volume recorded in the course of the past 24-hours is $15.102 billion. The total market cap of Bitcoin is $189.261 billion, while the supply has 17,922,300 BTC coins involved in circulation.

Tarō Asō has been the Deputy Prime Minister of Japan since December 2012. He operates as the Minister of Finance as well. Asō was a speaker at the FINSUM conference that transpired in Tokyo. He spoke of the need for better regulations in the face of evolving technologies. As always, Japan maintains a brilliant outlook on matters related to blockchain.

Yuriko Koike wishes to bring about a digital currency that shall back an entire city [in this case its Tokyo]. This marks a step in the direction of building smart cities.

On the other hand, David Murray of Financial Integrity Network referred to the king coin as being cloaked by anonymity. He wants to impose “regulations” on miners so that activities can be monitored and identities aren’t held secret. Thus, Murray wants to bring about centralization which would lead to bigger problems.

Validation takes place without a miner divulging through details related to the transaction which is being confirmed. Thus asking the folks to spy on their own community is an appalling command that doesn’t deserve to come from a Cog in the Machine.

Meanwhile, the Ethereum hardfork [aka Istanbul] shall occur on October 2nd, according to Hudson Jameson of the Ethereum Foundation. A testnet fork shall be carried out prior to the division of the mainnet, in order to check the level of “stability”, said Galano of Infura.

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