Ambassador Chan Heng Chee to Highlight U.S.-China Politics and Geoeconomics at Swell 2019

The U.S.-China trade and technology war dominates today’s headlines. The struggle for economic supremacy has resulted in high tariffs and broken technology supply chains, impacting both global businesses and consumers. What can we expect as tensions increase? How will these changing geopolitics continue to impact global business, technology innovation and more? 

At Swell 2019 Ambassador Chan Heng Chee, one of Singapore’s most distinguished diplomats, takes the stage to address these questions. She will examine the current U.S. and China political environment and the new reality that will unfold for all nations and global businesses amid political uncertainty. 

Chan understands from first-hand experience the impact of strained global politics. She began her 16-year tenure as Singapore’s Ambassador to the U.S. during a tense period in the two nations’ history, following disagreements around the sentencing of an American teenager for vandalism in Singapore. Under her leadership, bilateral relationships between the countries improved dramatically. Singapore and the U.S. forged new agreements around defense, security, and trade, including the signing of the U.S.-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (USSFTA) and the Strategic Framework Agreement.

She also has deep expertise in economic development in Singapore and, more broadly, across Asia-Pacific. Today, Chan serves as Ambassador-at-large within the Singapore Foreign Ministry where she chairs Singapore University’s Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities, and is a Member of the Presidential Council for Minority Rights. She has received a number of awards including the Inaugural Asia Society Outstanding Diplomatic Achievement Award and the U.S. Navy Distinguished Public Service Award.

As the world watches and waits for a U.S.-China resolution, Swell 2019 offers an ideal forum to explore its potentially far-reaching impact. Ambassador Chan lends her unique expertise on this rapidly evolving issue, and keynote speakers—Dr. Raghuram Rajan, former Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, and Kamal Quadir, CEO of bKash—discuss how today’s technological advancement brings economic opportunities and financial inclusion to emerging markets. 

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this important international dialog. Swell 2019 is Ripple’s invite-only customer event in Singapore, Nov. 7-8. It brings together the world’s most trusted voices across financial services, payments, technology and policy to explore the new reality unfolding in global payments—and why it matters.

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