(XRP) Ripple Price: Expect Growth Despite Resistance

Ripple (XRP) became a mainstream and prominent player in the world of cryptocurrencies over the past couple of months owing to its strong growth in 2017. The currency grew by an incredible, 36,000% in just one year – bringing a large number of investors to back it up. Ripple price has since been on a downhill ride – but it looks like a recovery has now begun. Let us take a look at the Ripple price movement over the recent past, as well as where it is headed:

(XRP) Ripple Price Over The Past 24 Hours

Ripple price, over the past 24 hours, has grown by close to 4%. The currency started the day at a price of $1.15 – then jumped to $1.22, but has since come down to $1.19. Ripple’s market cap too, grew from $44 Billion to $46 Billion. The currency continues to grow day-by-day. The past 24 hours have been ideal for Ripple investors.

(XRP) Ripple Price Over The Past Week

The past week has witnessed a strong growth for the Ripple price. The currency began the week at $0.96 and peaked momentarily at $1.22, before coming down to $1.19 to close the week. The market cap during this period grew from $37 Billion to $46 Billion. Most of this price surge can be attributed to the fact that Ripple has been teaming up with a number of payment service providers over the world – and to their recent partnership with Western Union.

(XRP) Ripple Price Expectations

Ripple price update 18 February 2018
Expected movement of Ripple price | Image; Tradingview

Ripple price is expected to continue to soar despite a few lines of resistance that will come up. The next major resistance is expected between $1.22 to $1.25 mark – which Ripple is expected to surpass over the next day or two. Following that, the $1.35 and $1.5 marks will also test the support of the bulls. However, if Ripple continues to announce these partnerships, expect the prices to surge over the next week despite resistance.

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