Watch out for the latest Coinbase phishing site

Cryptocurrency users around the globe are being asked to watch out for the latest Coinbase phishing site. This new scam mimics the real Coinbase site and even the emails being sent to trick oblivious users to visit the site look very legit.

This isn’t the first time cryptocurrency users have been targeted by scammers that aim to steal money from them. Many of these projects come in different forms, from ransomware, fake wallets, phishing sites and even some of these scammers can be found on P2P exchanges.

As the leading crypto exchange in the world, Coinbase isn’t new to scams. The giant exchange is constantly targeted by hackers and other criminals. The rise of cryptocurrencies and exchanges has attracted the attention of scammers and this is evident by the increasing number of phishing sites coming up. Coinbase alone has had several clones come up and disappear in recent years.

The latest scam is cleverly designed and the only way to limit its success rate is for users to be meticulous. There is a real need for all users of the exchange to watch out for the latest Coinbase phishing site.

The scammers are utilizing emails and sending them to users to trick them to visit the phishing site. How they got a hold of the email list is yet to be determined but it’s possible the email is being sent to many users of Coinbase. By being more keen users will discover the site goes by the name ‘coinbase.coml’ which is a slight twist that can only be noticed by paying attention.

However, Coinbase has no reason whatsoever to send an email to its users that has a link to their site. With this in mind, you can easily see why scammers are less likely to succeed in the crypto world.

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