Tron’s [TRX] market volume tops combined volume of Ethereum [ETH] and EOS across two days

Tron [TRX] and Justin Sun, CEO and Founder of the Tron Foundation, have both made it a point to integrate the concept of mainstream adoption with every update and development from the Tron roster. This move seems to have paid dividends for the tenth-ranked cryptocurrency, according to a recent post by Justin Sun.

A report from DApp Review showed that between March 3 and March 5, Tron’s transaction volume was more than the combined value of its two biggest rivals, EOS and Ethereum [ETH]. The value of Tron was a whopping $43.616 million, while EOS and Ethereum clocked $11.617 million and $4.408 million respectively.

However, several critics of the cryptocurrency have disputed this claim. @rektkid, a Twitter user, was one of them. He tweeted,

“EOS literally has 10x the trading volume of TRX though.”

To this, another user retorted,

“Because people are actually suing the Tron Foundation tokens instead of trading them.”

The Foundation’s weekly DApp report further proved that Tron aimed to completely dominate the DApp market. The report stated:

“According to , as of this week, #TRON has over 187 #Dapps with more than 464 smart contracts. There are 10 decentralized exchanges (DEX) on TRON, 6 collection games, 40 tool Dapps and 4 candybox projects. #TRX $TRX”

Over the last week, the Foundation captured headlines with its partnership with Tether [USDT]. The tie-up between the TRC20 token and USDT claims to provide better interoperability and functionality on the Tron network. Justin Sun later stated that the partnership is likely to leave Omni in the dust. Sun further elucidated on the partnership, stating,

“First of all, USDT Tron will offer the liquidity in Tron decentralized exchange. Second, USDT Tron will offer TRX holder, a new way of value storage. Third, USDT Tron will provide the DApp users, a new way to play DApps, which also minimize the risk of the cryptocurrency. Fourth, USDT Tron will give Tron blockchain new legitimacy and the increase the confidence of the institutional investor in that show.”

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