TOR Project Foundation to Start Using Monero (XMR) For Cryptocurrency Donations

Tor Project, a non-profit organization that develops technologies for open source privacy and anonymity, has included Monero in the list of cryptocurrencies accepted as donations.

Sarah Stevenson, the fundraising director of Tor project commented:

You’ve probably heard of the Tor Browser. The project is the public face of the so-called Deep Web or Dark Web, an un-indexed collection of websites that – depending on your point of view – represents the most sinister or the freest part of the internet.

There are two main reasons you might want to use Tor. The first is to protect your online privacy and get past censors. Tor stands for “the onion router,” and like an onion, it has many layers – of encryption. But recently the strength of that encryption has been called into doubt, following the FBI’s successful take-down of the Silk Road website. The second reason to use Tor is to explore the Deep Web, which can expand your online horizons in both exciting and disturbing ways.

Other coins accepted by the foundation are Augur (REP), Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin [LTC], Stellar Lumens [XLM], Dash, Ethereum [ETH], ZCash [ZEC], and Bitcoin Cash [BCH]. The creation of direct wallets has allowed users to donate crypto directly to the Tor Project instead of relying on services provided by third parties, such as BitPay, the Bitcoin payment service provider.

Thousands of people around the world actively support the work of the Tor Project, including developers, designers, relay operators, researchers, cryptographers, computer scientists, and privacy advocates, and most are not paid by the Tor Project. The paid staff of the Tor Project is very small: about 47 people in total.

They are supported by United States government funding agencies, NGOs, private foundations, research institutions, private companies, and over 20,000 personal donations from people. Crowdfunding allows them to diversify their donor base and is unrestricted, it allows them to spend the money on the projects the company thinks are most important and respond quickly to changing events.

If you want to donate to Tor with cryptos, you can do so here.

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