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Fantasy sports is a popular pastime these days. Sports fans just love revising stats, drafting teams, and engaging in friendly competitions with their peers. The game is a favorite one among office co-workers the world over.

The hobby has been around for quite a while. The first fantasy sport leagues can be traced back to the postwar years after WW2. The first leagues began appearing throughout the 1950s, but because of the obvious technological limitations of the era, they were confined to members of local communities at most.

Fantasy sport leagues as know them today first appeared in New York in 1980. Soon, the craze took hold, evolving into a multi-million online business with more than 1.2bn players worldwide.

STRYKZ is a new name on the blockchain ecosystem, offering a very opportune proposition: Football-Stars, a brand new fantasy sports platform driven by blockchain technology.

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The STRYKZ ICO: Quick facts

  • Token name – STRY
  • Total number of tokens issued – 1.112.500.000 STRY
  • Token price – 1 STRY = 0.0001 ETH
  • Softcap – 8,900 ETH
  • Hard cap – 44,500 ETH
  • ICO Start & End dates – June 29 – July 29, 2018
  • Accepted payment methods – ETH and BTC (with more added at a later stage)

Token allocation

See graph below.

The STRYKZ platform: Connecting football fans worldwide

The 2018 World Cup provided some thrills and high emotions to soccer aficionados the world over, so the STRYKZ platform comes at the most opportune time.

The actual product is already live, which is major advantage for this ICO. STRYKZ features an active user base, a number of strategic partnerships, and even a famous (but now retired) soccer player, Luis Figo.

How Football Stars works

STRYKZ offers an innovative and engaging community-driven platform that enables players to create teams, generate challenges, set the winning conditions, create content, and much more. The more the user engages with the platform, the better it will be for the player itself, and the platform as a whole.

Users can monetize their time and effort in different ways:

  • By winning user-to-user challenges,

and many others. Consult the whitepaper for a full list of monetizing opportunities.

The Football Stars platform is accessible via the web, and apps on Android and iOS.

The VIP Club

A significant aspect of the Football Stars platform is the VIP Club, which will have exclusive content, special avatars, and other premium features.

During its first year, the VIP Club will only be accessible to players who participated in the initial Token Sale. Subsequently, it will open to ‘regular’ users.

The STRY token

According to the whitepaper, The STRYKZ token will enable new features that boost user participation. The token incentivizes active users in a multitude of ways.

Users will receive tokens for content creation, generation of in-game engagement, and providing community services to enhance the overall experience.

The platform will feature in-game transactions using the token, such as:

  • Player trading
  • User-created challenges
  • Helping gamers to gain tokens from their football knowledge and passion.

The company hints that the STRY token will be used for other fantasy sports platforms in the future.

Consult the whitepaper for a comprehensive list of features and token services.


STRYKZ’s proposition is a neat and timely one. The buzz of the World Cup is bound to excite the minds of fantasy sports players worldwide, and many of these players may turn their passion into rewards through Football Stars.

The platform is already live, which gives credibility to the entire project. It is packed with features and monetization opportunities, so STRYKZ may be on to a winner here.

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