Fitness instructor offers tips for a healthier 2019

Fitness on Fleek in Boonville offers a variety of cardio and strength training exercise classes to help those with New Year’s resolutions to get fit in 2019. – Photo courtesy of Christina Mann

The indulgent holiday season is over and a new year has begun. For many, New Year’s resolutions involve getting fit and eating healthier.

Christina Mann, fitness instructor and owner of Fitness on Fleek in Boonville, said that 80 percent of people who plan to get in good health in the new year will give up before they can create those healthy new habits.

Those pounds didn’t get there overnight and won’t go away quickly. It’s a daily decision to commit to a healthy lifestyle.

“I would say to be successful stay consistent, work out at least three times a week, every week for at least a month straight,” Mann said. “After 90 days of that commitment, it will become habit. Motivation will come and go, but you must be disciplined to do what it takes to achieve your goals.”

While healthy eating and healthy fitness habits go hand-in-hand, Mann suggested making changes slowly.

“Don’t try to change too much at one time. Start working out and then begin to slowly change your nutrition to fuel your body for your new lifestyle,” she said.

A healthy lifestyle should be planned for and thought of just like other important tasks.

“Schedule your workout just like you would for a doctor appointment. You’re more likely to commit to it. Thirty minutes a day is all you need to make a change,” said Mann.

“Pack your gym bag the night before so you’re prepared. No excuses,” she added.

A positive attitude and a friend can be a boost to the new routine as well.

“Think positive and tell yourself you can do it! Once you convince your mind, the body will follow. Find a workout buddy. Reach out to someone who can help show you the way, like a personal trainer.”

Avoiding high sugar drinks like soda is a quick change that helps with calorie intake.

“Don’t drink your calories,” Mann said. “Aim for 80/20 clean eating. Do not deprive yourself of any food groups. Portion control is most important.”

When it comes to a fitness routine, Mann said a mix of cardio and weights can bring about the quickest results for most people.

Finding a fitness routine that is enjoyable is another suggestion Mann offered.

“Fitness should be exciting and fun! I mean after all you’re on the way to healthier, happier you so find a workout routine that keeps it that way. There are so many different formats of exercise, something for everyone.”

Fitness on Fleek offers a variety of strength training and cardio classes including Zumba, a cardio dance-based exercise; Kettlebell Body360, which uses a specific style of weights to sculpt and tone muscles and burn fat; circuit training; and more. A new cardio class beginning this year called STEP up offers a low impact, high energy routine that burns more than 500 calories in an hour. Mann also offers personal training as well, where she meets with clients for one-on-one sessions tailored to specific needs.

There is no joining fee or membership cost. Classes are available for $5 each or $45 to attend unlimited classes in a month. Personal training sessions are available, eight 30-minutes sessions for $100 or $15 for a single 30-minute session.

For more information or class schedule, visit the Fitness on Fleek Facebook page or contact Christina Mann at 336-692-2018.

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Fitness on Fleek in Boonville offers a variety of cardio and strength training exercise classes to help those with New Year’s resolutions to get fit in 2019.

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