22 European countries sign declaration on Blockchain Partnership

The cryptocurrency market continues to be mostly bearish with the giants all taking a nosedive together this year. BKCM LLC, an investment firm that focuses on digital currencies was founded by Brian Kelly.

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer stated about the overvaluation of coins like BTC:

“As digital coins bottom out, the underlying blockchain technology offers surprising risk rewards, last year was all about froth. And the promise of Hey, this guy’s building the new Facebook, I think this year is going to be about building the Cisco’s.”

Kelly has invested approximately 90% of his personal money in cryptocurrencies and yet the trader says there are many risky rewards as well. According to his statement, BTC and ETH have both declined more than 70% this year – BTC 48%, LTC 47%, and ETH 44% at the beginning of 2018. He stated this year will be the year of infrastructure and the year for Ethereum competitors.

Cardano has some intense long-term visions and goals to accomplish according to Charles Hoskinson’s interview cover recently. He himself tweeted saying, “Good Cardano mention on CNBC.” Cardano and its technology are relatively new, you can do smart contracts and blockchain 3.0 on it. It is the competitor of the year for Ethereum, says Kelly.

Cardano [ADA] is currently trading $0.15 with a slight volume increase as observed at press time. The market is a huge deal worth $4 billion USD which has placed ADA in the 7th position. It is surely a great risk-reward, where it is selling at currently, I want to look at names that are bottoming stated Kelly. But, Cardano’s expert team boosts his confidence in regards to the technology.

Adam Lewis, a speculator and market observer says:

“I believe Cardano is a great project but marketing tactics aren’t so great; and no means to compare but see other communities like Tron, Verge: nothing compared to ADA but the marketing and hype are superb. Maybe Ada community can learn same, just saying.”

Samuel, a Twitterati commented:

“Congrats, this is a fantastic mention for Cardano on mainstream media! LOVE IT!!! ADA one of the best crypto projects if u guys don’t buy ADA u guys are stupid lol.”

According to his observations, the digital coins have always fallen during the second quarter every year from 2012. Additionally, whenever you’re evaluating a cryptocurrency, you want to make sure you have very experienced people that know how to program. ‘I actually think there is still plenty of room for various coins’, he noted.

He continued, quoting:

“It really depends what’s being built on it. But you want to buy the infrastructure name… Maybe some have different specialties that other don’t. I think there is a place for them all to exist.”

Darya Slade, a Cardano enthusiast tweeted:

“They stated they R looking for long-term investments as venture capitalists in solid companies, with solid teams. That’s Cardano. You have the best team in the World, the brain power is insane. And you have a fantastic goal. So hopeful for The Cardano Foundation. U all deserve it.”

David Pearlstone, an ADA holder said:

“Well, It is Sooo True…Everyone will find out when Cardano starts to Rule…Name the Day and Pick the Date…Really great exposure. Go Charles!!”

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